baby S, newborn baby girl, chelsey kae photography, posed newborn, wraped baby, green newborn

7 Ways to Prepare for Your In-Home Newborn Photography Session

baby S, newborn baby girl, chelsey kae photography, posed newborn, wrapped baby, green newborn

I absolutely adore photographing newborns in their homes. Since having my own children I really notice how special it is to have memories in your home. (even if your planning a future reno or aren’t loving the way your home looks this very minute, it’s nice to have those memories because that is the backdrop of your life at this moment in time.) I know how hard it can be to leave the house in the early days.  I hope that by coming to your home, I can take some of the stress away!  Because I take more natural posed images, I find using a client’s home to be the best space to attain those intimate special moments.  Here are some of the ways, I like to tell my clients to prepare for our photo session.  This ensures the session can run smoothly and everyone is feeling like their best self!

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1. Please Feed the baby!

Before I arrive, try to make sure baby is fed. A fed baby is a content baby. It doesn’t matter to me if baby is asleep or awake.  We will go with the flow. If your little ones needs a top-up while we are taking our images, we will pause and let the baby eat.  These can also make for some special photo opportunities. 

2. Warm your house!

If you’d like images of baby in just a diaper or diaper shirt then please crank your heat or turn down or turn off your ac.  A warm baby is a happy baby! We may feel hot but baby will be nice and toasty.  

3. Choose simple, timeless clothes for the baby

If you have an outfit you’d like baby to wear, please make sure it fits them!  When clothes are too big, the photos look awkward and baby looks like they are being swallowed up.  Try to have a plain diaper shirt on hand without logos.  White tends to be more timeless but if you have a colour scheme in mind then go with that! My advice is keep it simple.  We want to focus on your newborn and not their outfit. 

4. Choose simple clothing for yourselves

Parents dress so you feel comfortable and relaxed.  You don’t need to be matching but try to stay in the same tonal family.   I’m also happy to help you choose your outfits before the session.  Just send me some snaps and I’ll give you my feedback!

5. Keep the swaddles simple!

Have some neutral swaddle blankets on hand too.  If baby is fussy, I like to swaddle them so they feel secure and warm!  I also have a small selection of wraps, I will bring these with me to our session. We can discuss these details when you book your session. If there are colours you like or don’t like please let me know. If there is a special blanket you’d like in the photos, maybe something Grandma made, please have that out and handy. I will be thrilled to try to use it.

6. Declutter areas near your big light sources

I generally shoot in the master bedroom, nursery and living room.  This all depends on the lighting situation.  Please try and remove any clutter, you would not like photographed.  You don’t need a spotless house, just a few tidy areas where we can work. I will help you move small items when I am there. 

7. We MAY move furniture

Sometimes we may need better light. This will depend on the time of day and what the general weather is. On cloudier days we may need to move a bit closer to the window and on sunny days we may need to avoid the bright light streaming in. This could mean that we need to move a few pieces of furniture here or there. I will help you move them back so do not fret. (I have zero judgement about dust bunnies that may be hiding, so have do not fret)


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