Lets Play- {Guelph Lifestyle Family Photography}

So this session was scheduled to be a first year session. However, kids become sick, parents became sick..MY kids because sick.. we had to reschedule until everyone was feeling better. Thank you to this amazing family for being so flexible. We decided to do our session inside their home. Until now, we have always driven and met in a beautiful location or they have come to my home studio. Having done that already, we thought we would try a lifestyle session in their home.

What I love most about home sessions is how comfortable the children..and parents are. We were able to capture the real stuff..the good stuff. Everyone felt at ease in their own space. They were able to open up, be silly, smile and play with the littles.

Even though this was scheduled to be a session for the littlest member of the family, when I arrived, he was sleeping. Instead of waiting around for him to wake up we began to photograph the eldest child and the relationship he has with his parents. I think what I said is so important to remarkable photography sessions.. It is the relationship that I aim to capture.

Such a fun day. Thank you for allowing me to photograph your family once again,


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