My Boys { KW Children’s Photography}

These two are my whole heart.


As many of your know, I have always had a love for children. I have been a teacher, both as an early childhood educator and then in elementary school.  To have your own children is a whole other thing. The love of your own children is something so special… To feel those little hearts and small hands, to know you are their everything is amazing (and overwhelming at times) . These boys (4 in a week) and 1 are the reason I am.


I try to replay their birth often as to remember what I felt at that exact moment.  I know how easy it is to forget. (I often wonder if the memories I have of myself as a child are really memories or am I just remembering a picture I have seen a million times?!)  At the time of my children’s births I didn’t think about Birth Photography, though I really wish I had taken advantage of this amazing work. To have the chance to re-live these moments visually would be amazing to me. It’s not something that you can go back to and at the time I had thought there is no way I could have someone photographing me in such a state. However, during the birth, I remember thinking that I could do this in the middle of the street, in front of a thousand people and I wouldn’t care in that exact moment. haha  Anyway.. I remember when P was born, seeing his little bum in the air and my husband telling the baby was a BOY! I remember the fear I felt when I was told I was going to nurse him… how could I do that? I didn’t know how! We never took a course… here i was though, with a little baby on my right side nursing away. He body knew… trust them (though i also know how tremedously fortunate I was that this was really so simple right from the beginning  and not all mothers have this experience). I remember when E was born, how fast it was. How I wanted to push before I even got to the bed. How my husband and midwife threw me on the bed and E arrived moments later. I remember the emotions I felt as this little body lay on my chest, crying out. How I cried because I couldn’t believe he was here already.. that I was now a mother of TWO boys!!


As my eldest moon (aka son, but calls himself a moon haha) is nearly another year older, I am enjoying looking over the many photographs I have of him over the last 4 years. Obviously I feel photos are important but looking through photographs today really solidify how important capturing images of your child are. They are only little for such a short period of time. They change so rapidly and in a blink of an eye they will be walking out the door. baby photography, children's photography, kw family photography baby photography, children's photography, kw family photography baby photography, children's photography, kw family photography

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