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Limited Edition Christmas Sessions Are Here!!

Hello everyone!

I cannot believe I am saying this. I get up each morning and wonder which dress or pair of shorts I will choose to wear (lets be honest, I quickly throw on my yoga pants before my youngest gets knocked down the stairs by our big clumsy dog). BUT.. I am shocked EVERYDAY when I open the door to find the colder weather is upon us.  So.. here I am thinking about Christmas Sessions. I know many of my fellow photographers have already completed theres but I just cannot get there. Soo… If you are not unlike me and would like to wait to get into the Christmas spirit until after Halloween ,then we just must work together (or at least, I hope we can!)

I will be hosting Christmas session again this year outdoors. Last year we did in doors and they were lovely and everyone was warm and happy. This year, I’d love to go back to my sweet little mini Evergreen field and take some oh so cute images of your child and or family. I love this choice because we aren’t limited to one space and there will be room for animals if you’d like to include them as well!

With that being said.. if there is totally terrible weather then, we will move indoors. Dates are limited this year so rather than moving days, we will move the location. Fingers crossed it all goes well.


email me at to book your spot!


christmas mini

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