Chelsey Kae Photography About the Photographer

Chelsey Kae Photography About the Photographer
I am a portrait photographer. A mother of two AMAZING little boys ages 4 and 1 (wow! time is going too quickly, I cannot believe I had to type out those numbers) A wife to the most amazing man. As well as a Mom to the most beautiful dog you ever did see, (and she knows it!). Formerly, I was an Early Childhood Educator and currently am an Elementary Teacher. My passion and love is photography. It’s what makes my heart so happy. Though I also love teaching, photography allows me that creative outlet that I crave.
My educational background assists me in forming connections with children and families (even the most shy and reserved children)
Since I was a little girl, I dreamed of being both a teacher and a photographer (though, now, I take photos of people rather than fire hydrants and teach children rather than my grandpa).
And here I am…. my dream is alive and thriving.  Chelsey Kae Photography About the Photographer