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Blueberri, Toronto: Just the Right Store For Your Toddler’s Apparel Needs

When Iva Sopiqoti became a mother, she decided to channel her expertise into something that would make things better for her son and all other children growing up with him. An experienced retailer, merchandiser, and fashion designer, Iva combined her learnings from these three sectors and built Blueberri, Toronto, a one-stop solution for infant and toddler clothing requirements. 

Based in Toronto, Blueberri as a kids’ clothing brand not only quenches the apparel needs of your little ones but also promotes eco-consciousness, sustainability, and support for local businesses. We believe, the little insight was enough to motivate you towards shopping from Blueberri. However, we would still enlist a few more reasons as to why that should be your store of choice.

About Blueberri Toronto

100% Organic Cotton, Free From Chemicals

Needless to say cotton should be the go-to fabric for kids as it absorbs moisture and facilitates better aeration in addition to being easy on the skin. Blueberri has the single motto of bringing the best to your baby. 

The Canadian brand produces clothes out of 100% organic cotton so that they go gentle on your baby’s skin and do not cause allergic reactions. In contrast to synthetic alternatives and natural fiber grown using chemical fertilizers and pesticides, organic cotton will rule out the possibility of any kind of skin irritation, cladding your baby in the safest way possible. 

They extend care for the babies into the subsequent steps too. You can rest assured as the fabric is devoid of any chemical dyes. This however doesn’t compromise with the style. A great variety of clothes including dresses, rompers, sweatshirts and sweatpants, and shirts, available in a giant spectrum of soft pastel colors, give you a lot to choose from.

Blueberri Toronto beautifully combines safety and style, being with you at every step to adorn your little one in the cutest way possible. 

Eco-Friendliness and Sustainability

As a mention has already been made, Blueberri goes exclusively with organic cotton, shoving chemical fertilizers and insecticides, taking a step towards promoting organic farming. In addition to that, they make sure to source the most sustainable fibers. The knitting occurs in Toronto itself by the local knitters and the fabrics are dyed with non-toxic colors. 

Purchasing from Blueberri is synonymous with doing something good for our own planet. Moreover, how amazing will it be to break to your baby when they grow up that they have been a part of the eco-conscious lot even before they knew what that was! That will surely shape their future actions. 

So, Blueberri, Toronto goes beyond just being a toddler clothing brand. It can have a profound impact on the principles your little one chooses to live by as they grow. 

Promotes Supporting Local Businesses

Blueberri boasts of being a complete Canadian brand. Starting from knitting to dyeing to designing and sewing, everything is done in Toronto. Blueberri collaborates with family-owned factories to get its clothes for the collection sewn. 

The perfection in its products can be easily attributed to the transparency these local communities maintain with the team of Blueberri in the process of making the clothes. Effective communication, brainstorming, and collective efforts go into making the perfect little outfits.

In doing so, Blueberri sets an example for up-and-coming brands to work with local communities and assist in their growth while making their own services available to people in the most sincere way possible. Joining hands with the Canadian brand implies extending your support for the talented yet otherwise neglected local communities.

Facilitates Both In-store and Online Shopping

Blueberri aims at enhancing the convenience of its customers. To do so it has kept both its portals open; online as well as offline. Those of you who want to sort from amongst racks of clothing, touch the fabric, check the stitches and try it on your little one before bringing the clothes home, you can comfortably drive to their store in Toronto and scout for some lovely little outfits. 

If you are someone who enjoys scrolling through pages before purchasing an item, then Blueberri’s website is perfect for you. Easy to navigate, the website allows you to sort and filter your choices while exploring. In case you experience issues with the products you received, they have a flexible return and exchange policy. The details of which you can find on their website.

Blueberri Toronto

Next time you step out to shop for your little one, keep Blueberri, Toronto on your list.  A brand built on noble precepts, Blueberri addresses the sentiments of parents and the safety needs of the babies. It thinks of your children as its own and brings the best for them. Allow yourself to check Blueberri’s collection once and you just can’t resist bringing a bunch of those pretty outfits home; rest assured, the quality is unbeatable! 

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