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Mini Mioche Toronto | Soft and Durable Basics for Your Little One

Clothes for kids don’t just have to look great, they have to feel so too. The priority while buying clothes for the little ones is always the fabrics; fabrics that are soft, comfortable, and durable. When Alyssa Kerbel was scouting for outfits for her newborn daughter, she could not get exactly what she was looking for. Realizing the dearth of comfy clothes for babies in gender-neutral styles and colors, she launched Mini Mioche, Toronto. Her community has grown by leaps and bounds from the time it started and has been making a huge impact on the environment as well as the world around. Here are a few things you must know about them! 

4 Things To Know About Mini Mioche, Toronto

100% Natural and Ethical 

For Mini Mioche, nothing is as important as the safety of your little ones. They have committed to the service of producing basics that look and feel great on your munchkins. To abide by their words, they have deliberately designed their production process in a way that they can supervise every step and ensure that only the best reaches you.  All their clothes are made from GOTS organic cotton. They are knit, dyed, designed, and sewn locally, in Toronto; in factories, they can visit regularly. Fabrics are dyed with non-toxic, low-impact dyes made from natural elements. They consider the factory workers as an extended family of their team and make sure that they are paid a fair wage. They boast a completely sustainable and ethical production process. So, if you want to shop local, we hope now you know where to go! For over a decade in the industry, they have maintained their position flawlessly. Most of the gender-neutral styles that they had designed when they started are still a part of their best-sellers list. This is definitely something to blow a trumpet about! Nevertheless, they continue to keep growing and come up with new designs, offering over 30 gender-neutral styles of clothes in a year. 

Sustainable Packaging

Mini Mioche, Toronto doesn’t just ensure sustainability during production. It extends it to the packaging and shipping processes too. They completely refrain from sending away orders in plastic packets or receiving stuff packaged in plastic. Their hangtags, shopping bags, mailers, and postcards are made out of recycled materials and can be further recycled too. This way, they take a step towards a cleaner and greener planet while influencing their community to do so.  To join hands with more eco-conscious brands and maximize their positive impact on the environment, they have made mindful, planet-positive partnerships. As a part of this venture, they have collaborated with organizations like Carbon Neutral Club and Beeja May. 

Mini Mioche’s Impact Around the World

Mini Mioche has a vision beyond sales. With a motive to bring about a change, and contribute to a greater cause, they keep taking baby steps whenever possible. Under their Kind Human Club Initiative, they commit to donating 1% of Mini Mioche sales to organizations that help kids with their physical and mental well-being.  They do not stop here. They launch separate collections of soft, comfy basics and donate part of the proceeds to support organizations that help bring about a change. As of now, their donations have graced Kids Help Phone, Project Halo For SickKids, Finding Our Power Together, The 519 in support of the LGBTQ Community, and the Good To Be Foundation in support of women empowerment.  In addition to these, they also conduct the Blue Friday Sales, a percentage of which goes to the Surfrider Foundation working towards Ocean Conservation. There are more organizations that they have extended their support to. Nevertheless, they aim at intensifying the impact they can make in the world around them.  Therefore, on their website, they ask for suggestions from their customers about particular organizations that they would like Mini Mioche to support. This way they believe, they can keep trying to make the world a better place.

Taking Long-Term Steps To End Racism

Mini Mioche, Toronto address the issue of racism with utmost sensibility and sincerity. They make sure that their contribution to bringing about a small change doesn’t remain confined to their timeline. They want their legacy to continue and raise children educated and empathetic enough to maintain that. In addition to keeping discussions about steps they can take to make the world more inclusive, alive at all times, they also support the Black youth helpline, Black Women In Motion, and Black Health Alliance. To ensure that their support for the cause does not end with them, they have made resources available on their website that are aimed at helping parents raise their children with values of empathy, equality, and inclusiveness. 

Mini Mioche Toronto

Shopping from Mini Mioche, Toronto is not just about bringing cute outfits home, it is also about adding the little drop that you could to the sea of changes they are trying to bring about. A brand built with responsibility and noble vision awaits to serve you. Put their outfits on your little one and they won’t let you take them out of it. To capture those happy moments with your little one, Chelsey Kae Photography will be delighted to photography your joyful family time! Are you looking for more children’s content from Toronto? Click on the blog links below!

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