Donuts or Cake? {Guelph 1st Birthday Photographer}


This really is a simple question.. Donuts or cake? Which do you prefer? For me, its very hard to choose and really depends on many factors. I’ll consider all the factors such as my mood or the flavours or what I am trying to achieve..


Yes.. thats what I said, what I am trying to achieve. I was once told that the secret to making an amazing baby boy was double chocolate donuts. Soo.. this is what i would eat while grown baby boys. But once I knew that I was knew I was pregnant for a third time, and we were hoping for a girl, I quickly decided that eating sprinkle donuts would be the only way to ensure I create a super sweet little girl. And.. So I did.. (both, at the sprinkle donuts AND created the most amazing, sweetest baby girl) (this is not MY baby girl. though she is very dear to me)

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