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Families. Each one is unique and I love them all equally. I have been so lucky to be able to photograph amazing loving families. If you are interested in having your family photos updated please email me! Spots will fill up quickly this spring and summer! email me at chelsey@chelseykaephotography

Oh the connection between toddler and baby!! My personal favourite.


Ill let you in on a little secret… Please don’t tell anyone though.. Once upon a time, I was very worried about photographing family sessions. I actually avoided them and much preferred photographing babies or children. I do not entirely know why I felt like this. Over time, and as I Matt and I created our own family, these feeling subsided and I actually love love LOVE family sessions. I think it was a little fit of a frame of a mind shift. The way I approached family sessions changed as I begin to love capturing the real moments and didn’t feel the pressure to make sure everyone was looking at the camera and smiling. I think these ‘posed” photos were actually what I didn’t like about family photography.

When looking for photographers for my own family, I am drawn to those that can capture the truth in our family. The fun moments, the snuggly ones, and even the ones filled with tears.. because, let’s face it Moms and Dads…there are often tears that sneak into your family session. Why pretend that they don’t exist. Let’s capture and celebrate these moments. Emotions are real and they are totally ok! these are moments that might not end up on the wall but they make excellent additions to an album and tell such a great story.

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These are the types of family moments that I live to photograph.


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