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Winter Maternity

There is something so special about a winter maternity session. I love being able to capture a maternity session for a Mother as they are each so unique. I am honored every time to be included in their pregnancy journey.

Every single time it also reminds me of my own pregnancies, each a very unique experience. I miss them. I was so lucky to have smooth pregnancies each time! I mean they weren’t all rainbows, I felt ill for the first few months with my middle and last child. As much as I loved it, I know that I have had my turns and this phase of my life is complete.

We can capture a maternity session inside or out, in the spring, summer, fall or winter. Winter is a wee bit chilly but the photos are stunning and its well worth the frosty fingers. We always bring a blanket to warm up and take necessary breaks if Momma is feeling too cold!

I can’t wait to get back to it when we are moved to the Red zone. I have a few Mammas that are waiting for their amazing belly’s to be photographed in this beautiful snowy weather (fingers crossed the weather is a bit warmer than it is today)

(These photos were a little while ago, not during current shut down)

2014 03 27 0066
Winter Maternity 6
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Winter Maternity 7
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Winter Maternity 8
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Winter Maternity 9

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