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Superbowl Sunday

Hurray!! It’s Super Bowl Sunday! The whole house is excited about a day that is rather unknown to the littles in this house. They can feel the excitement their Dad is emitting, but aren’t totally sure why. The children are excited about the idea of meatballs, pizza, and nachos. They are excited to hear a national anthem and snuggle with Dad on the couch, (well floor as it is right now).

Fast forward a little, through the indoor and outdoor play, the tv watching, the crafting and costume making to this evening….

We have introduced the kids to a cheese ball and crackers and I have made the meatballs and pizza so far… both, pizza and meatballs were rather terrible. Haha ah well. It was an attempt to save money rather than order in… we should have just ordered in…. ah we win some, we lose some, right?

The boys are having fun though all snuggled up on the floor with their Dad. I am going to use this time to make this little post.


I was taking a moment and putting together a collect of sessions on a USB for a client so I had a chance to look back on an older session that I’m not sure I had a chance to share.

prashita mat 2 3168
Superbowl Sunday 7
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Superbowl Sunday 8
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Superbowl Sunday 9
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Superbowl Sunday 11

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