Holiday Session {Puslinch Outdoor Holiday Session}

This year’s Christmas or Holiday sessions looked a little different for me. I had a few planned sessions but not many due to COVID. I know a few amazing photographers that had it all figure out… how to space sessions, sanitize in between… I was in the process of figuring that all out myself when my family decided to get new knives just after my birthday in October. these seemingly unrelated events (COVID and getting new knives) both interrupted my holiday session plans. I was rushing to finish the after-dinner clean up so that I could go play outside with my family. I thought id put the knife in the dishwasher but at the last moment, I decided that this might ruin our newly purchased knives and hand-washing would be better. As I took out the knife, it somehow slipped and I cut my finger. I didn’t think much of it and my husband laughed at me a little as I considered if stitches might be necessary or not. Over the next few days, my finger was still swollen and I couldn’t bend the tip of it. During another doctor’s appointment the following week, I mentioned it to the Doctor. He was shocked a little that I hadn’t gone to the hospital. It turns out that I cut a tendon in my pinky finger (As I type this, I am struggling to reach keys with it in fact). Anyway, this little cut had a spiral effect on my photography and life.. I had to have emergency tendon surgery which left me unable to do sessions for the next two months. In fact, I couldn’t do much of anything, I had to ask my Mother and Mother in law to help with simple tasks, such as, changing the baby’s diaper or anything else that required two hands.

My most amazing clients were understanding of this and many decided to rebook to a later time. As a result, I only did one Holiday session which actually took place on Christmas Day! It was the most beautiful day and I’m so glad we were able to do an outdoor session with such a beautiful backdrop. These indoor sessions took place in our well vented barn- all COVID measures were taken of course.

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