A mom and dad stand on the edge of a lake holding hands with their four young children before visiting Guelph Saultos Gymnastics

How Guelph Saultos Gymnastics Helps Build Strength & Flexibility

Gymnastics is one of the most helpful foundational activities for kids. Not only does it let your child build up strength and increase their flexibility, but it also gives them the chance to connect with other kids around the area. Plus, those skills come in handy when they begin to pursue other sports in the future. If you’re looking for a great way to get your child started, I would love to tell you about Saultos Gymnastics in Guelph. This unique studio is dedicated to doing things a little differently! 

About Guelph Saultos Gymnastics

377 College Ave W, Guelph, Ontario N1G 4T4

Guelph Saultos Gymnastics is a not-for-profit studio that is deeply passionate about making gymnastics fun for kids. The professionals behind the center know from experience just how quickly gymnastics can become too competitive. Their goal is to raise lifelong athletes by keeping the sport exciting. The organization was started in 1976 and moved to its permanent location in 1987. Today, it’s staffed by full-time professionals as well as 40 certified gymnastics instructors. They’re also constantly training new coaches so they can create a sustainable community for future gymnasts. 


When your child is first starting out with Guelph Saultos Gymnastics, they can sign up for recreational programs. These classes are available for kids starting at the age of 16 months. During the earlier sessions, you will be a crucial part of the classes as you guide your child through the movements. As they gain independence, they will work alongside classmates to learn new moves and fun routines. If your child would like to continue with non-competitive programs, they can remain in the recreational classes until the age of 16. 

If your child would like to try their hand at competitive gymnastics, the program has options beginning at the age of 4. The gym believes that competitive gymnastics is a lifestyle. They partner with each student and teach them how they can improve. They use an all-inclusive tuition, so you’re not worrying about things such as meeting registration fees and coach travel expenses. 

A young boy kisses the cheek of his toddler baby sister in a pink sweater while standing on the edge of a lake after visiting Guelph Saultos Gymnastics


In addition to their classes, Guelph Saultos Gymnastics offers camps. These camps last all day while remaining engaging and light-hearted. Your child will be able to take their skills to the next level while having the time of their lives! 

If you want to try out a class before enrolling, the gym offers drop-in options. You will be able to come in with your toddler and guide them through brand-new moves. 

You Little Ones Will Love Attending Guelph Saultos Gymnastics

With Guelph Saultos Gymnastics, your child will have the best introduction to gymnastics. Check it out today to see if this is the space for your family! 

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