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Visit Mastermind Toys To Master the Art of Play & Gift Giving!

The Mastermind Toys store in Guelph is just under two hours outside Toronto at 370 Stone Road in the West Stone Square Center. Whether shopping for a gift, for your child, or yourself, Mastermind Toys will take you back in time and remind you of the importance of creativity, imagination, and fun.

About Mastermind Toys

The first Mastermind Toys began in Toronto in 1984. The store–which eventually became a chain–grew yearly, opening more stores and collecting more toys at every location. The company eventually opened an online store, created a loyalty program with members, and created a curbside pickup option that can have orders ready within just one hour. Now, this toy store has more than 68 locations across Canada. Not only do their team of “play experts” travel throughout the country to find the best toys, but they travel to different continents, too. 

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The Mastermind Toys in Guelph has a wide variety of toys, including action figures, arts and crafts, dolls, games, trains, electronics, and more. In terms of books, they also have a range of categories: sticker books, journals, history books, cookbooks, workbooks, graphic novels, and self-help books for parents. The store is open every day except for Mondays. 

Each week, the store has a “Daily Deals” selection with discounted items. They separate their toys and books by age on their website to make browsing more accessible. Their Gift Finder allows you to find the perfect gift by filling in the age, category, and price range of the gift you are looking for. Mastermind Toys is not just a toy store but an extensive curation of school supplies, books, and games for every stage of your child’s life. 

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Specialty & Programs

To receive exclusive discounts, free shipping, early access to sales, special in-store events, and free loot-bag, sign up for the store’s free loyalty program, Perks. The children of Perks members will also get a free surprise in-store during their birthday month. The store has a Mastermind Toys Referral Program for members, where each member can earn $10 when they invite their friends. You and the friend you referred will each get $10 to spend on any purchase of $50 or more. Their program for educators, daycare providers, and tutors–Inspiring Educators–receives 10% off regular-priced, in-store purchases every day–and sneak peeks of new toys and books. However, you must be a member to receive these benefits. 

The Mastermind Toys website also has resources for educators and students, like printables and activity ideas. The store also has a submission form on their website where toy vendors can put in an application for Mastermind Toys to add to their store. Their Corporate Order Program offers discounts on orders with over $1,000 worth of toys, games, and books. On September 22, the Mastermind Toys in Guelph is hosting a “Baby Day,” where Play Experts will demo baby toys. Perks members will receive 25% off one item from select baby brands as well as 10% off books for babies.

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Mastermind Toys

Visit the store in person or the website to browse their inventory and learn more about what Mastermind Toys offers.

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