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Choose Guelph Community Health Center for Parenting Support

Raising a little one can be challenging, and it is not like being a mom comes with a handbook filled with answers. A lot of the time, as moms, we feel helpless. Guelph Community Health Center is available to help our kids and us when we need it most. Check out what they have to offer! 

About the Guelph Community Health Center

The best outcomes for families and children are achieved when the community supports them. At this center, they work through multiple approaches to provide support for all families. They offer support to families at all stages, including postnatal breastfeeding and postpartum support, as well as programming for infants, toddlers, and children. Their facilitators and specialists offer play-based early learning programs and help connect families to their neighborhoods. In addition, they link to programs and services within the community. 

Their specialists provide support, education, and resources through individual consultations and group programming. Resources and tools are provided by parenting programs to help parents support their children’s emotional and developmental needs. One of the programs offered at Guelph Community Health Center is EarlyON. EarlyON Child and Family Centers provide children and parents/caregivers opportunities to participate in high-quality play and inquiry-based programs led by Registered Early Childhood Educators. These teachers model responsive adult-child interactions and support all parents/caregivers in their roles. All EarlyON Child and Family Centers offer a safe and welcoming environment where families can connect, find support and advice, and access a network of community resources and services. The best part about EarlyON is that it is completely FREE! 

mom to be in green maternity gown in a field Guelph Community Health Centre

Breastfeeding and Postpartum Support

Guelph Community Health Center also offers a program for breastfeeding and postpartum support called “We Breastfeed and Chestfeed” which supports parents feeding human milk in any way, in any amount. Parents can receive support via telephone one-to-one with trained breastfeeding experts. Or they can attend weekly drop-in breastfeeding cafes. This provides a great way to meet other moms, enjoy a coffee, and get the support they may need. They also offer a FREE weekly in-person group session for currently pregnant mothers facing challenges to their healthcare. The session includes poverty, teen pregnancy, substance use, family violence, LGBTQ+ families, and different minority populations. Program participants can receive nutrition counseling, prenatal vitamins, access to healthy food, counseling, breastfeeding education, infant care education, and referrals for other support. 

They offers age-specific programs based on the age of your children. They have skill building for parents of kids ages 7 to 11, as well as special programs for parents with children under 3 months. You can gain specific skills based on your child’s age and what particular needs you may have as a parent. At Guelph Community Health Center, many programs offer support so you know someone is always there. Additionally, most programs are free and willing to assist with transportation needs. Above all, they want to ensure that you have complete access to the care you need.  

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Office Details

Three different hubs make up Guelph Community Health Center:

  • The main reception building
  • The downtown hub on Wyndham Street North
  • The Shelldale office on Shelldale Crescent

You can reach out to each hub either by phone or by fax. 

Guelph Community Health Center

Knowing that you are not alone when raising your little one is a relief. So the Guelph Community Health Center is sure to help you every step of the way with all your needs for you and your family! 

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