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4 Guelph Indoor Playgrounds to Explore With Your Family!

Finding activities for kids of all ages can be challenging, but these Guelph indoor playgrounds have so much fun and excitement waiting for you and your little ones. All you have to do is explore! 

4 Guelph Indoor Playgrounds For Your Little One’s Fun & Safe Play 

Children’s Art Factory

The Children’s Art Factory believes that art is play and is one of the best Guelph indoor playgrounds for everyone in the family. You can just show up or make a reservation ahead of time, whatever works best for your plans. Several programs offer where your little one can play the day away and have free play in the art studio, where their creativity is valued. They also offer a sewing class, different workshops and camps, a play lab, outdoor programs, and much more. Check out this creative way to spend the day at Children’s Art Factory, a Guelph indoor playground, today! 

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Tiny Town

Tiny Town is exactly what it sounds like, a tiny town for your little ones to explore. This location is set up like a real-life community as one of the most unique Guelph indoor playgrounds. Each child who comes to play becomes part of this unique and important community of play. Your little one can engage in imaginative play in a castle as a princess, dressed as a firefighter, working at the post office, or shopping at the local grocery store. The possibilities are endless.

Tiny Town has a loyalty program in which you get stamps every time you visit. When your card is complete, you get to visit for free. Tiny Town is also a great place to have a birthday party as you can invite up to 20 children for two hours. You have the entire village dedicated to your party. This Guelph indoor playground is the perfect way to watch your little ones play and explore! 

Messy Makers

At Messy Makes, this Cambridge (I know, not really Guelph, But it IS really close) indoor playground wants children to color outside the lines while using their imaginations to explore and create. Designed primarily for those aged 0 to 8, Messy Maker has various play centers all encouraging free play. They offer drop-in hours during the week and the option for private birthday parties on the weekends. Birthday parties are available on Saturdays and Sundays and are 2 hours long for up to 12 children. With birthday parties, you have free reign of the entire studio. Messy Makers is a place where families and caregivers can get out, let loose, and leave the clean-up mess to them. 

little boy in yellow shirt laughing in a garden Guelph Indoor Playgrounds

Ontario Early Year Centers

EarlyOn Center is a fully equipped, child-based center that offers interactive circle time, creative activities, and parent education programs. This Guelph indoor playground provides FREE educational and engaging programs for little ones ages 0 to 6. Families can find support, receive advice, make personal connections, and access a network of resources. The website calendar features all programs currently available. So, check out new programs, and fun and exciting things that are happening weekly! 

Guelph Indoor Playgrounds

Guelph indoor playgrounds offer an excellent opportunity for the family to engage in wholesome fun. Be sure to check out all the best Guelph indoor playgrounds the city offers! 

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