Macho Movers, Brad, Had a baby!

Macho Movers’ Offer a Unique and Excellent Approach & Specialized Expertise for a Stress-free Move

Macho Movers’ Unique Approach & Specialized Expertise for a Stress-free Move

If you are in the process of moving homes and are on the prowl for a great moving company, then look no further than Macho Movers, Guelph. You may have seen their vehicles driving around in a neighborhood near you.  You simply cannot miss it, it has a huge (eye-catching) muscle man on it after all!

Why might you consider getting movers?

If you are like me, you may think you can do it all. You don’t want to spend the money on movers when you totally feel you could do it. Simply put you cannot actually do it all and for some things you need to ask for help! Macho Movers are there to help when you finally realize that you cannot do it all, or at least, you don’t do it all. Simplify your move and hire Macho Movers before you get too far in over your head.

Why was Macho Movers in Guelph started and Who am I trusting with my precious items?

Bradley Veldman started Macho Movers in 2016 with the hope of providing the community with safe, reliable, and affordable premium moving solutions. After 7 years the company has grown to a staff count of 30 people and 9 moving trucks. They have a fantastic customer experience. Their website is stellar and easy to navigate.

Macho Movers Guelph checklist and timeline

They provide checklists with a timeline to help you make sure your move goes smoothly and always answer their inquiries in a timely manner.

Macho Movers have an amazing review history. With over 1200 google reviews they have a consistent rating of 4.9. I don’t know about your, but a strong google review presence is worth a thousand words to me.

An interview with Macho Movers themselves:

We have started offering indoor and outdoor storage units as well. We continue to provide quality and affordable services to move all your household belongings safely and quickly, taking the hassle and stress out of moving into a new home or business. Macho Movers can help not only move your items but also offer our services when it comes to packing, and relocating specialty items (such as hot tubs, grand pianos, etc.), as well as delivery, junk removal, storage, and cleaning services.

As far as achievements go we are extremely proud of the number of times that the community has voted us as their top choice in moving services. It is one thing in this business to be acknowledged by others in the industry, but to build such a great connection with your customers who in turn end up supporting you for many years to come is an amazing feeling. We really pride ourselves on the relationships we have built throughout the community in the past 7 years.

Brad states: “The proudest moment in my career so far has been getting ourselves a 9th truck and buying our own property as our moving home base in Guelph, ON. It has allowed us to complete an increased number of jobs and continue to expand our growing team! I would love to open another Macho Movers Inc in the near future in another city.” Brad continues to dream BIG.

Personal experiences:

I have had a few interactions with Macho Movers, including my children stationed outside to watch the workers move our neighour’s house for hours, and know many who have used them personally. Everyone mentions how careful they are with their items (this is not always the case with movers) and also how personable they all are. They are defensibly worthy of your trust when inside your home. I had the privilege of photographing the owner’s first child a few months back. This baby is so lucky to have such hard-working and passionate parents.

Baby Boy of the Macho Movers Guelph

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