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3 Amazing Reasons To Shop From Modern Rascals, Toronto

The desire to make our kids’ lives full of rainbows and unicorns will never grow old. When Jana (the founder of Modern Rascals Toronto) was in search of some brightly colored organic clothes with fun patterns for her little one, she could not find the garments of her choice anywhere in Canada and US. This sent her on a vigorous research spree until she bumped into what she had been looking for in Europe. 

That is when she decided to launch Modern Rascals, Toronto. A vibrant collection of clothes with fun patterns that are sourced from European brands is showcased online and in-store. These brands produce organic fabrics, ethically and sustainably. 

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3 Amazing Reasons To Shop From Modern Rascals, Toronto 3

Let’s talk about the three most compelling qualities of the inventory found at Modern Rascals, Toronto

Let’s talk about the three most compelling qualities of the inventory found at Modern Rascals, Toronto

There are so many exciting qualities of this brand that I am so excited to share with you! Here are the 3 most convincing reasons to choose them, the next time you shop for your toddler.


To begin with, Modern Rascals, Toronto can really enliven your little one’s wardrobe. It has a variety of clothes in a wide range of vibrant colors and fun patterns! Clothes that you will love to buy and clothes that kids will love to slip into! 

But Modern Rascals is not just about clothes. It deals in myriads of toys too. The variety spans from vehicles to building blocks. To construction to loose parts toys aimed at cognitive development and many more.

You can find adorable lined cotton bags to pack your toddler’s lunch as they start going to the playschool. If you dig a little deeper into their website, you will see super cute handkerchiefs with funky write-ups on them.

If you want to keep looking at your sweetie forever after donning your little one with Modern Rascals’ outfits, then Chelsey Kae Photography is waiting to capture the moment for you!

Subscribe To Sustainable Fashion

Modern Rascals have successfully ditched fast fashion. They don’t love the idea of charging exorbitant rates for tiny outfits that fall apart easily after a few wears. They work with brands that believe in sustainable fashion and import clothes that have tremendous durability. 

Jana, the founder of Modern Rascals, “These are clothes that are well made and are meant to last through all the play your child’s heart desires *and* still be in great condition to be passed down to a younger sibling or friend.”

Garments at Modern Rascals, Toronto are affordable, durable, organic, and thus sustainable. Joining the cohort of eco-conscious business ventures, this Canadian store paves the way for its customers to practice sustainability through its products. 

If the clothes you buy for your child last a long time, you won’t have to make purchases too often, in turn reducing the waste and the carbon emission that would have gone into producing those extra number of clothes required.

Kind To The Planet

Modern Rascals is unique due to its unflinching commitment to sustainability and environment-friendliness. Their vision is to leave a clean and green planet to the coming generation. Their packaging revolves around the reduction of carbon emissions and waste generation. 

Whenever possible, shipping materials are 80-100% recycled. They pay from their pocket to recycle the plastic packaging that they receive clothes in. Amazingly, they avoid unnecessary bulk in packaging and save a lot of waste from being generated, by simply shipping items in small or appropriate-sized boxes.

For local customers, Modern Rascals wrap their orders with recycled paper bags instead of plastic packaging materials. Doorstep delivery is also available! Items are gift-wrapped from repurposed paper and second-hand papers. As a rule, the store refrains from using flowers and bows as they are highly wasteful. 

Let’s Talk About Their Rewards Program at Modern Rascals, Toronto

Modern Rascals, Toronto doesn’t only look into variety and sustainability. They make sure to fill the plates of their customers with as many benefits as they can. If you are their regular customer (which you will become once you see their range of products), a reward program is available and redeemable for rebates and perks. To become a member of their loyalty program, simply create an account and keep making purchases till you accumulate enough points making you eligible for a reward!

Raise the Tide of Excitement for you to shop at Modern Rascals, Toronto. 

Hope these reasons are enough to raise the tide of excitement in you to shop from Modern Rascals, Toronto. The Canadian store brings to your plate, the most exciting products for your little ones. Explore the entire spectrum of colors and quirky patterns on the softest fabrics. Pick one to start with and we are sure, more will subsequently find their way into your little one’s wardrobe. Slide them into those cute clothes and let a newborn photographer frame your munchkin. We are sure you would want to cherish these days a few years down the line!

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