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5 Reasons SnuggleBugz is a Top Baby Supply Carrier in Toronto

SnuggleBugz launched by couple Ben and Tanya has shown immense growth since its inception. They have expanded from just one to seven retail outlets and have been certified by the Great Place To Work Institute, Canada. However, their unwavering commitment to be a helping hand for new parents while transitioning into the most precious phase of their lives has kept their warmth and appeal intact. With products catering to the needs of pregnancy, prenatal and newborn babies, they present SnuggleBugz as a place for new parents to interact comfortably, gain clarity on things, and make informative decisions while making the purchase. To know why shopping from SnuggleBugz can be a great experience, you must read further. 

5 Reasons SnuggleBugz is a Top Baby Supply Carrier in Toronto

Create A Perfect Baby Registry

There are many benefits of creating a baby registry with SnuggleBugz. If you are confused about where to start, then you can take a registry appointment for a one-on-one demonstration at the store. Otherwise, you can leverage their expertise through mail too. If you are not willing to make an appointment, then also they make sure that you have got everything covered. From their curated checklist, where you will find their recommendations on the brands and quantities of items, you can put whatever you like on your list. Since we are talking about prepping up to welcome your newborn, you might be wondering if you could get in touch with a maternity photographer. If yes, then look no further than Chelsey Kae Photography! For all the unpurchased items on your registry, Snugglebugz gives you a 10% discount after your due date for the event. In case you have received duplicates or have changed your mind, then you can exchange or get store credits equivalent to your purchase within 90 days.  It also rewards you with up to $200 in gift cards once you have closed out your registry. There is still something more for you! If you know someone who is expecting, then refer SnuggleBugz to them. Once they create a qualifying baby registry with them, you will receive a coupon that can be applied to your next purchase!

Save As Many Dollars As Possible at SnuggleBugz

Their price match program is aimed at giving their customers the best deals. If you can get things at SnuggleBugz at bargain prices then why go elsewhere? If an authorized Canadian retailer sells a similar product at a lower price, then you can take the advantage of their price match program in that case. After the price is verified by their team, SnuggleBugz will give you a discount of 10% on the difference in the prices. However, the products that qualify for the price match have to be regularly priced and of the same brand, color, size, and type as the item they are compared with. 

Redeem Your Baby Love Rewards

SnuggleBugz never gets tired of pampering its customers. To shower even more benefits, it has started its loyalty program. Any Canadian above the age of 14 and with an account in Snugglebugz is eligible for the program.  Don’t worry, there is no minimum purchase limit! joining the program is absolutely free. For every dollar spent on their products, they reward you with 4 points which can later be redeemed for rebates and other benefits. To know in detail about how the program works, you can head to their website and scan through the loyalty program section. 

Get Ample Information

SnugleBugz sticks to its promise of helping new parents every step of the way. While making the purchases, it might be a herculean task to choose from hundreds of brands and thousands of products. To make sure that you end up at the perfect choice and products that are best suited to your needs, SnugleBugz strives to maintain a very informative corner for its customers.  Under their learning center section, they have comparisons of brands, product reviews, buying guides, and general parenting tips for newborn and toddler care. Therefore, being a part of the SnuggleBugz community means, not just buying but also knowing what, why, how, and when to use them!

Be A Part Of A Greater Cause

SnuggleBugz believes in benevolence. Since the day it started, it has contributed a part of its share to different charities and communities working towards the welfare of people. However, in 2017, they decided to maximize their efforts toward the not-so-well-to-do communities and adopt a more practical approach to helping them.  Therefore, they launched Kindnest. Through that, they collaborate with Canadian and Haitian families which are underemployed and teach them to sew products that are sold through the SnuggleBugz network.  A part of the proceeds is also donated to charities in Canada and Haiti. This implies that your purchases have more value than you thought they had. The pennies you spend on SnuggleBugz products are utilized in empowering the world around you. 


The team of SnuggleBugz knows exactly the kind of support new parents are in need of. From adapting to the tremendous changes in tier own lives to striving to make things comfortable for their newborn, there is a lot to be done in a short span. With experience, dedication, and top-quality service, they have helped many a couple navigate the early stages of parenthood smoothly and are eagerly waiting to help as many more as they can.  Looking for more newborn content? Click on the links below to keep reading!


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