The Battle of Bento Boxes: Yumbox vs. Sistema vs. PlanetBox vs Munchbox – The Ultimate Guide for Kid’s Lunches

As parents, providing our children with healthy and appealing lunches is a priority. The rise of bento boxes has revolutionized the way we pack meals for our kids, making it convenient and fun to create balanced, portion-controlled lunches. Among the plethora of options available, three companies stand out as the most popular choices for parents: Yumbox, Sistema, and PlanetBox. In this blog, we’ll compare these top contenders and explore why each of them could be a great option for packing kids’ lunches.

  1. Yumbox:

Yumbox is a well-established brand known for its innovative design and vibrant colors. Here’s why it’s a hit with parents and kids alike:

a. Portion Control: Yumbox features multiple compartments, making it easy to portion different food groups properly. This helps parents ensure their kids get a balanced meal with a variety of nutrients.

b. Leakproof Technology: One of the most significant advantages of Yumbox is its leakproof design, which means you can pack wet foods such as yogurt or salad dressings without worrying about spills.

c. Fun Designs: Yumbox offers a range of adorable designs that appeal to children. From whimsical characters to vibrant themes, these bento boxes make lunchtime exciting.

d. BPA-Free and Durable: Yumbox is made from high-quality, food-safe materials that are free from harmful chemicals like BPA, ensuring the safety of your child’s lunch.

We have had a few of these over the years. I love them, especially for kindergarten-aged children. My one qualm with them though, is it is a little like adult tetras and I end up forgetting to eat actual breakfast because I have been biting the corners off my kid’s sandwiches to make them fit in the sections or trying to make the banana 1/4 I could fit in, actually fit! This usually results in much snacking as I build several lunches.

  1. Sistema:

Sistema, a global leader in food storage solutions, also produces bento boxes that cater to kids’ lunch needs. Let’s explore why Sistema is a popular choice:

a. Budget-Friendly: Parents on a budget will appreciate the affordability of Sistema’s bento boxes. Despite their lower cost, they still offer practical and functional lunch packing options.

b. Microwave-Safe: Unlike many other bento box brands, some of Sistema’s products are microwave-safe, allowing parents to heat up leftovers conveniently.

c. Multi-Compartment Varieties: Sistema offers bento boxes with multiple compartments, ideal for keeping different foods separate and fresh until lunchtime.

d. Easy-to-Close Lids: Sistema’s bento boxes feature secure and easy-to-close lids, ensuring that even young children can handle them without any issues.

This year we are giving these boxes a try. They were 10 dollars each on Amazon and I have three kids now to outfit for lunches. Spending 40+ on each lunchbox was just out of the picture right now. I do hope I made a good choice though. These little choices keep me up at night! I will pair this box with a neoprene lunch bag too so that I can wash the whole thing!

  1. PlanetBox:

PlanetBox takes a unique approach to bento boxes, offering a stainless-steel alternative. Here’s why it has gained a dedicated following:

a. Eco-Friendly: PlanetBox promotes sustainability with its stainless-steel construction, reducing the need for single-use plastic bags and containers. It’s the go-to option for eco-conscious parents.

b. Customizable Magnets: To make lunchtime even more enjoyable, PlanetBox offers an array of fun and educational magnets that kids can use to personalize their lunchboxes.

c. Long-lasting Durability: Stainless steel ensures the bento box will last for years, making it a wise long-term investment for parents.

d. Easy to Clean: The smooth, stainless-steel surface of PlanetBox makes it easy to clean and maintain, saving parents time and effort.

Personally I loved this idea. I mean, I am just like any other Mom who is trying to move away from plastic so I though, hey!, let’s give these a try. (they also were a killer price at Costco). Over time, I found i wasn’t a huge fan of the planet box. If i backed berries they would end up smashed up even when I padded them with paper towel. I couldn’t put anything remotely leaky like yogurt in it and they were a little heavy. A year later and they still look brand new so they DO hold up!


  1. Munchbox:

Munchbox is another prominent player in the bento box market, known for its sleek design and practical features. Here’s why Munchbox is a contender worth considering:

a. Modular Compartments: Munchbox offers a modular system with removable and interchangeable trays. This allows parents to customize the lunchbox layout according to their child’s appetite and food preferences.

b. Sturdy and Lightweight: Munchbox is built with durable materials, making it long-lasting and able to withstand the wear and tear of daily use. Despite its sturdiness, it remains lightweight and easy for kids to carry.

c. Encourages Variety: With its multiple compartments, Munchbox encourages parents to pack a diverse range of foods, ensuring a well-balanced and exciting lunch for kids.

d. Freezer-Safe: Munchbox containers are freezer-safe, enabling parents to prepare and store meals in advance, saving time on busy mornings.

e. Transparent Lids: The clear lids of Munchbox allow kids to see what’s inside, making it easier for them to choose their favorite snacks without having to open the box.

Where to Buy in Canada: Munchbox is available for purchase on their official website, Additionally, you may find Munchbox at various retailers, both online and in-store, that specialize in kids’ lunch gear and food storage solutions.

Comparison Summary:

  • Yumbox: Ideal for parents who want leakproof and visually appealing bento boxes with portion control and BPA-free materials. Available through the Yumbox official website and popular online retailers in Canada.
  • Sistema: A budget-friendly option that offers microwave-safe compartments, suitable for parents seeking convenience and versatility. Available at major retail stores, supermarkets, and online marketplaces in Canada.
  • PlanetBox: Perfect for eco-conscious families looking for a durable and sustainable stainless-steel alternative with customizable features. Available through PlanetBox’s official website and select eco-friendly retailers in Canada.
  • Munchbox: A versatile and practical choice with modular compartments, freezer-safe containers, and transparent lids, catering to parents who value customization and organization. Available on the Munchbox official website and various kids’ lunch gear retailers in Canada.


With Yumbox, Sistema, PlanetBox, and Munchbox, there is a bento box solution for every family’s needs and preferences. Whether you prioritize leakproof features, affordability, eco-friendliness, or customization, these brands have earned their popularity for providing convenient and fun options to make kids’ lunches a delightful experience. In Canada, you can easily find these bento boxes through their official websites and various retail outlets specializing in kids’ lunch gear and food storage solutions.

Ultimately, the best option for your kid’s lunches depends on your personal preferences, your child’s needs, and your budget. Whichever brand you choose, these bento box companies are all committed to making lunchtime enjoyable, nutritious, and hassle-free for both parents and children alike.

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