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Captivating Photoshoot Attire: Neutrals and Flowy Maxi Dresses for the win for your Photoshoot

When it comes to creating a memorable and enchanting photoshoot, the right attire can make all the difference. From the choice of clothing to the play of colors, every element contributes to the overall aesthetic. In this blog post, we will explore the perfect ensemble for a beautiful photoshoot, focusing on the magical combination of lights, neutrals, and flowy maxi dresses. For my sessions, I enjoy photographing this type of palette as I believe it creates a timeless and classic look that allows the connection and beauty of your family to stand out.  It really is amazing how clothing can make or break a session. (whispers** Don’t forget about your foot attire! ) Of course we don’t all have the budget for expensive clothing. This is why I actually have a client closet so that you don’t have to worry about your clothing. But if you should wish to bring your own clothing, consider looking at The Gap, Guelph, or even the Cambridge Outlet for options!

Let’s dive in and discover how these elements can elevate your photography experience.


1. The Elegance of Neutrals for your photoshoot:

Neutral tones for your photoshoot are timeless and versatile, providing a clean canvas that allows your personality to shine through. When it comes to photoshoots, neutrals can have a transformative effect, exuding an air of sophistication and elegance. Opt for colors like ivory, beige, taupe, soft grays, pastel blues, and pinks, as they harmonize effortlessly with any setting or theme. Neutrals also have the advantage of complementing different skin tones, ensuring that the focus remains on you, the subject of the photographs.

Little girl in a dress sitting in a grassy field from The Sharing Squirrel by Chelsey Kae Photography

3. Embracing Flowy Maxi Dresses for your photoshoot:

Flowy maxi dresses are a photographer’s dream. These effortlessly chic garments offer grace and movement, creating a sense of freedom and ethereal beauty for your photoshoot. The billowing fabric catches the light, adding an element of dreaminess to your images. Consider maxi dresses in lightweight materials like chiffon or silk, as they drape beautifully and capture the slightest breeze. With their flowing silhouettes, maxi dresses are universally flattering and provide endless opportunities for stunning poses and compositions.

expecting mamma is in a billowing dress from The Gap, Guelph

4. Color Palette and Coordination (but don’t match!):

While neutrals are the focus, incorporating subtle pops of color can enhance the visual appeal of your photo shoot. Opt for pastel shades or muted tones that complement your chosen neutral color palette. Soft blush, pale lavender, or dusty blue can add a touch of delicacy without overpowering the overall aesthetic. Remember to coordinate accessories, such as shoes and jewelry, to complete the cohesive look. Coordinating with others in the photo is essential too for a nice cohesive look. The idea of matching outfits is outdated now. Please don’t wall wear plain white Tshirts and jeans. Instead, look to coordinate so a few people wear a grey slack, Mom wears a flowy neutral dress, and children where a sutle combination of those colours.  (the family below did a rockin’ job of this!)

Go to The Gap Guelph for your next photoshoot. Beautiful coordinating clothing from the Gap and Old Navy

5. Accessorize with Delicate Details:

Accessories can elevate your ensemble and add personality to your photoshoot. Choose delicate and minimalistic jewelry pieces that accentuate your natural beauty without overwhelming the overall composition. Consider layered necklaces, dainty bracelets, or subtle statement earrings. Flowing ribbons, floral crowns, or delicate headpieces can also enhance the enchanting vibe of your photoshoot.  When arriving for a shoot please consider watches, hair ties, and items like cell phones and wallets in your pockets, these will be asked to be removed to facilitate a lack of distraction in your images.

Go to The Gap Guelph for your next photoshoot

6. Don’t forget the shoes for your photoshoot

This is an item often overlooked by clients but it makes a whole of difference! Please avoid sneakers and rubber boots. If you arrive in these I will problem as you to go barefoot. I always feel these types of shoes are distracting in photos and don’t make sense.

Go to The Gap Guelph for your next photoshoot


When preparing for a photoshoot, paying attention to the intricate details of your attire can significantly enhance the overall impact of your images. By embracing the magic of lights, neutrals, and flowy maxi dresses, you create a mesmerizing and captivating visual experience. Remember, the key is to let your personality shine through and feel comfortable in what you wear. So, go ahead and embrace the elegance of neutrals, the movement of flowy maxi dresses, and the enchantment of perfect lighting—unleash your inner muse and create breathtaking moments captured forever.

Now, step in front of the camera, and let the magic unfold!

(Note: The advice provided in this blog post is subjective and may vary depending on personal style, preferences, and the specific requirements of the photoshoot.)

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