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H Salon Guelph is a Fabulous Salon Worth Checking Out

Located in the old university area of Guelph Ontario, on Downey Road, H Salon is a haven for self-care and relaxation. Whether you are looking for a new hairstyle or just want to pamper yourself, H Salon Guelph has something for everyone. From unique cuts and colors, H Salon is the perfect place to take care of your beauty needs. With its modern atmosphere and friendly staff, this salon is sure to make you feel like royalty. So if you’re looking for a top-notch hair salon in Guelph, look no further than H Salon! In this blog post, we will explore why moms should look into H Salon Guelph Ontario for all of their self-care needs.

Personal experience

I am going, to be honest with you, I have never been great at being loyal to hair stylists. I get busy and forget to go back. I get worried about spending money on myself. The fast fixes like box dyes (on sale) call my name… I can do it within 20 minutes and it only costs 13 dollars at most.  I know, I know… Box dyes are not great for your hair but nevertheless, this is where I would end up time and time again.

I am not sure if it is an age thing (being 39. .clearly still in my early 30s though), or having 3 kids, but my hair is starting to go grey…FAST. It is also going grey just around the frame of my face. This makes colouring very difficult. When I began going to Kristinza from H Salon Guelph, I had been box-dying it. Because let’s face it, it is WAY less expensive. However, it’s never kind to your hair and never grows out well.  Upon Kristinza’s advice, we have opted to let my greys grow in but the goal is to colour it in such a way that the greys blend. So lots of highlights and lowlights going on to blend those pesky greys.

Q and A with Krisztina from H Salon

My name is Krisztina and I am the owner of H salon Guelph. I have been in the hair industry for over 20 years. I love what I do and helping women feel confident. I created H Salon 10 years ago, with the vision of a space that holds talented and skilled stylists, a welcoming and non-judgmental environment. A place to showcase hair, beauty, and passion. H Salon has given my team and me the opportunity to share our love of hair, to retain a truly supportive group of amazing guests, and an escape from the everyday.

Get your hair done at H Salon Guelph before your session with Chelsey Kae Photography

Why is it important for Moms to get their hair done or indulge in some self-care?

Krisztina says: To get away from everyday stressors, to add positive vibrations and vice for someone to look forward to. Or especially now, a feeling of “getting out of the house” to recharge Plus when your hair looks great you feel great! That positive energy changes your whole outlook.

Get your hair done at H Salon Guelph before your session with Chelsey Kae Photography


Moms are always busy and often put their needs last. But at H Salon Guelph Ontario, moms can take the time to focus on themselves and their beauty needs. H Salon offers an array of services such as haircuts, hair colouring, and styling. With experienced stylists and a welcoming atmosphere, H Salon is the perfect place for moms to take a break from their day-to-day responsibilities and pamper themselves.

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