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The WOMB Guelph is a Must for Moms

The WOMB Guelph is a facility for expectant Moms, new Moms, and postpartum Moms in Guelph and the surrounding areas that have been long awaited! It is a facility that brings together many important services together, under one roof.

About The WOMB Guelph

The WOMB Guelph is located at 15 Lewis Road, in Guelph Ontario Canada.  They offer a wide range of over 20 practitioners for children and parents including Acupuncture, Massage Therapy, Counselling, Doula Support,  Yoga classes, Pelvic Health Physiotherapy, and more!

All of their services are tailored to meet the unique needs of the “Whole person” by focusing on mental, emotional, and physical needs of the person. They understand that every woman’s experience is different, and they are here to support you every step of the way.

The WOMB Guelph, has been open since November 28 2022, and serves Wellington county, Guelph, Kitchener, and Breslau.

The WOMB Guelph. close up of newborn baby girl holding parents fingers in her grasp

Why is WOMB, Guelph so Amazing?

Simply put we all need community. We really are nothing without community and connection. Remember the phrase “It takes a village? ” Well, it really is true and The WOMB Guelph, knows that! Along with the ease of having many necessary practitioners under one roof (which makes it very accessible to everyone who might use their services), The WOMB aims to build a community where parents can go. The reception area is even called the living room and what is more inviting than that?! Some people just come in for tea or coffee and a friendly face. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to do so.

The Benefits of using WOMB, Guelph

Being a parent can be a lonely journey at times.  Itstrange really because on one hand you are NEVER alone but on another hand, you may feel as if you have never been more alone. and sometimes, you might feel all those emotions all at once. At the WOMB, they want you to be supported and loved from the moment you step in the doors.

Guelph and the surrounding areas have been waiting for a facility like this. WOMB can also be found in Milton, but it’s a unique venture for Guelph and we are so excited to have it here.


Please consider checking out the WOMB. Afterall there mantra is “the WOMB is for anyone who came from a womb”

Community programs

The WOMB Guelph offers many programs for moms and babies throughout the day. A haven for moms looking to interact with other mommas, have coffee or do a little yoga. They provide a valuable wealth of information in an accessible and easily digestible format. community programs at the WOMB Guelph

The WOMB Guelph. Newborn baby looks at the camera

If you are looking for a photographer to document your parental and baby’s journey please send me a little note on my contact page!


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