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Vicanie’s, Guelph is YOUR Bra Fitting Specialist

Vicanie’s, Guelph is YOUR Bra Fitting Specialist that you simply must stop in at. Vicanie’s is conveniently located in Guelph, Kitchener, and Cambridge so there is definitely one close enough to check out.  Since 2004, Vincanie has been on a mission and focuses on helping you find bras that actually fit!

Each store provides you with personalized fittings to ensure that you look the best you can be and that every garment fits the way it should. It is important to find the style of bra that will provide the best comfort and support for you. So many of us are simply wearing the wrong size, an old bra, or something that just doesn’t fit right! (I know I am guilty of this way too much!)  Vicanie’s, Guelph aims to help you find which style of bra will become your basic, trusted, everyday “go to” bra that will fit in with YOUR  lifestyle.

Vicanie’s Guelph, stocks a full range of sizes from cup sizes A-N and band sizes 28-52 inches. Everyone woman deserves well-fitting, Quality undergarments!

How long does a bra fitting at Vicanie’s, Guelph take? 

We women are always busy and typically it’s hard to find or make the time for ourselves. However, you don’t need a huge amount of time to get a custom fit! At Vicanie’s a bra fitting will only take 30 minutes. and it can totally change the way you look and feel!  (without working out or dieting! Honestly!) Who doesn’t want that!?

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What if I am a bit self-conscience? 

Have no fear, Vicanie’s, Guelph, takes what they do very seriously and they love it! They believe it can even be fun!! First, they will escort you to your private fitting room. They will take 2 quick measurements and this will give them a starting point. They will ask you a series of questions so that they can determine the perfect bra style for you! Easy-peasy!


Once you get a new bra, you might want to consider some updated family photos! Look no further but Chelsey Kae Photography! 

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