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Advice from a caterpillar a true Hidden Gem of the Toronto region.

If you are looking for the most amazing retail experience for baby gear, clothing, women’s clothing, and home accessories, you simply must make a stop at the sweetest little boutique called Advice from a caterpillar in Toronto Ontario. Inspired by the beloved children’s book, Alice in Wonderland, Advice from A Caterpillar takes a whimsical approach to babies, children, women’s clothing, and home decor.  In addition to in-store shopping at their brick-and-mortar location, you can explore their beautiful collections online ​​at https://advicefromacaterpillar.ca/.  Keep in mind, that there is more to see in the store but you can get a good taste of the products and quality of items you would expect to see for their online store. 

What is in the store?

Everything in their store is simply luxuriously sweet, pretty, and high-end. They have decor items like candles and tea towels. Personal care products such as sweet-smelling perfumes and sustainable bamboo toothbrushes. My favorite product from Advice from a Caterpillar has got to be baby clothing. They are simply to die for. They have beautiful gender-neutral rompers and little sweaters. You will not find a more beautiful baby clothing line anywhere!

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Advice from a caterpillar a true Hidden Gem of the Toronto region. 4

Where is this amazing gem located? 

In the heart of the city lies Advice from a Caterpillar, a beautifully designed shop for the modern family devoted to the enchantment of childhood. Conveniently located at 41 Hazelton Avenue, Toronto, ON M5R 2E3

Family-owned and operated since 2010, this lifestyle shop features carefully considered collections from around the world that reflect an appreciation for modern nostalgia and sustainable design.

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Advice from a caterpillar a true Hidden Gem of the Toronto region. 5

What are other parents saying? 

  • High-quality boutique kids and baby store with carefully sourced items. It is incredibly gorgeous inside and everything is displayed really nicely. Customer service is sometimes a bit awkward though, not rude but not nice and warming either. However, the store makes up for it. 100% recommend you visit it’s also in a gorgeous area.
  • For the best quality children’s clothing try this store. They have exquisite taste and delicious espresso in the back! It’s a family-run business so the service is terrific. A lot more fun than shopping in a department store. If you are a new Mom, and too tired to go out but need something special you can shop at their website!
  • Not sure there is a cuter baby and kids store in Toronto with lots of absolutely gorgeous high-end brands. They sell shoes, clothing, accessories, decor, toys, and women’s clothing. Customer service has always been great for me. I can only recommend it!

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